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Panoramic Lift  Panoramic Lift

The Panoramic Lift will take you in a comfortable and fast way up to the highest point of the Concepción Hill. Its 45 meters save the existing height between Gisbert Street and the top of the hill where the Torres Park and the Concepción Castle await you with the best views of the city and its bay. Being located on the slopes of the hill where the galleries of the old shelters are located, the base of the Elevator serves as an entrance to the Museum-Refuge of the Civil War.

Thanks to the panoramic glass cabin, you can enjoy the fantastic views of some of the most emblematic buildings of the city such as the remains of the Roman amphitheatre with the superimposed Bullring or the military constructions of the 18th century, the Autopsy Pavilion, the Marina Hospital and the Antiguones Barracks. In addition, from the Panoramic Lift you can see the fishing port of Santa Lucía and the building of the Auditorium and Palacio de Congresos El Batel.

Opened to the public in 2004, the Panoramic Lift has become over the years, with its modern design, distinctive image and of reference point of the city of Cartagena.

General ticket: 2€
General ticket Concepción Castle + Panoramic Lift: 4’25€

Reduced ticket: 1€
Reduced ticket Concepción Castle + Panoramic Lift: 3’25€
*Purchase on-line, Minors under the age of 12 years, Students up to 25 years, Youth and Youth +, Unemployed, Pensioners, Disabled persons, Family (2 or more adults + 2 or more children under the age of 12 years), Large family and groups of more than 20 people. 

Free entrance: 

  • Children under the age of 3 years.
  • Official tourist guides.
  • Members of the Club Cartagena Puerto de Culturas (except for activities).
In order to benefit from the free entry rate, visitors must show current valid documents.


'Isabella the Catholic'. Temporary exhibition

An exhibition around the figure of Queen Isabella and her time through the best costumes used in the series of Spanish Television. Mythical costumes as her coronation or her gorgeous dress he used in his marriage to Ferdinand II of Aragon. With costumes, weapons, facsimiles, maritime inventions and coins minted by the monarchs they will be presented.

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'I, the Queen'. Dramatized visit

Queen Elizabeth I take us to the court of Castile to know how exciting was her reign. Came to the throne, her marriage to Ferdinand II or the reconquest of Granada will be the big issues that the queen will tell us in person. In addition, we will know her innermost side, motherhood, her taste for fashion or hobbies.

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'Cartagena Tres Culturas'. Ruta guiada con gastronomía

Ruta guiada con degustación gastronómica en la que se recorrerá la ciudad islámica y sus arrabales, donde se concentró la población judía, cristiana y musulmana. Finalizaremos con una degustación gastronómica.

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'The adventure of Columbus'. Dramatized route

An adventure tour guided by Columbus where the navigator awaits us at the castle to begin a journey that will discover new worlds. This fun family route ends with a boat trip around the bay of Cartagena.

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Medieval dinner with theatre show

Renaissance dinner inspired by flavors in the Concepción Castle where the port and the city lights surround a theatre show that will travel past us a unique experience.

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'Knights and Princess'. Children's workshop

Children, dressed in period costumes, will become knights and princesses of the court to find out the intrigues that hides the castle in search of the marks of the stonemasons.

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Peace building

By learning about the consequences of war, we aim to teach students to value and work towards world peace through artistic activities like drawing.

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Discover Qart Hadast

We journey back to the early days of Cartagena to find out who Hasdrubal, Hannibal and Scipio the African were and what the city was like during the Punic era

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A journey to the Middle Ages

A journey to the Middle Ages that will bring us inside castles, medieval society and its customs, for example dances. We'll show the kids a few steps. In collaboration with CPR of Cartagena.

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Learn about the evolution of the fortresses of Cartagena and what weapons were used by the armies that defended the city throughout its history. Carried out in collaboration with the CPR of Cartagena.

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Check to the King

Through a giant chess, the students will know the different strata of medieval society. They must go through the fortress to find the pieces, to complete the board and learn some movements of this millennial game and get to give 'Check to the King'. 

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Tourism for all is one of the primary objectives of the Cartagena Port of Cultures. We are working to ensure access to the largest number of visitors. At present, the Panoramic Lift offers to its visitors with special needs the following facilities:

  • Capacity: 8 people. 1 wheelchair.
  • All the architectural barriers have been removed using ramps and lift.
  • Reduced rate to those with disabilities, presenting official proof at the box office.
  • Guide dog access allowed with the corresponding accreditation.
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